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I'm Amberlei Oates and Photography has never been "a job" for me, it's an absolute passion. I find each shoot to be a new creative opportunity and am always so grateful for the people I get to meet along the way.


Throughout my 19+ years of shooting, my photography has evolved into what I like to refer to as “grit and grain”.  I favor the traditional film look and use my surroundings to best emulate this via digital means. I am an expert in natural lighting techniques and if I had to label my style, it would be a mix of Documentary & Lifestyle.

My images are never forced or posed, I simply coach my clients to lead them into the most stunning of shots possible. I excel at getting natural shots because I shoot when you least expect it and work to keep shoots relaxed and easy going. Your images are my priority and I'm always one step ahead of the timeline to ensure you can enjoy your moment
s with the assured confidence that I've got you covered photography wise.

Let's talk "tech". Although I specialize in natural lighting photography I have flash capabilities and always come prepared. I shoot with full-frame Nikon Z6 systems (multiple cameras), multiple lenses all ranging from 14mm-250mm, f/1.8 to f/5, with multiple prime lenses for extra detail. My post-edit process is streamlined for expedited photo download so you can share your big news and hang those photos sooner! I am the photographer for you - that I always wanted. Professional, affordable, creative, timely, communicative, and I enjoy the time on each set too.

I'm a proud Military Veteran, mother, and forward-thinking innovator with the professionalism and creativity to be the perfect photographer for your moments. Thank you in advance for considering me and please contact me to discuss how I can help you tell your story through the art of Photography.






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