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  • Amberlei Franklin

Top Three Ways to Improve Your Phone Selfie Game

Selfies are a great way to get quickly update your dating profile photos, share new looks, or just improve self confidence. However a bad selfie can quickly bring your self confidence down and make you turn that camera right-round! Here I'm going to share with you my top three ways to improve YOUR phone selfie game.

  1. Ensure you're in the right lighting: Lighting plays a huge role in the total outcome of your photos. If you position your body towards the light source (window, bulb, or otherwise) your photos are sure to improve immediately. If you're outside and it's direct sunlight, look for shade and face the light. This will provide you with a gorgeous glow without harsh shadows or squinting.

  2. Use your timer: Prop your phone up at the level you'd like the camera to be, set your timer for 10 seconds, and take a few steps back. This allows you to get great selfies without your hands or arms reaching towards the camera. Also this gives you the opportunity to get creative with your posing giving you the "pro touch". Feeling editorial and bold? Face a mirror and strike a pose with your phone (or camera) in hand.

  3. Laugh! Trust me, I know this sounds insane, but try it out! Fake laughing (especially with friends) makes everyone actually laugh and gets genuine expression that your fake smiles just can't compete with. Relaxing in front of the camera is a huge barrier for most people, laughing will lighten the mood and ensure your authentic self shines through.

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