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  • Amberlei Franklin

The #1 Thing I Learned Shooting Wedding Photography

Being a Wedding Photographer is absolutely fantastic! There's a 'buzz + vibe' to the entire day that simply can't be beat. Rather you've met your lovely couple prior to the big day or upon arrival to the venue, everyone is excited to see you because now the documenting begins! All of the beautiful (and sometimes stressful) details fall into place and what will be, will be at this point. It is officially GO time! Regardless of how upscale or low-key the bride has planned her wedding to be, all weddings have one consistent factor in common, people!

While you may be the most technical photographer in the world, if you can't read and understand people, your presence while photographing a wedding may leave everyone feeling indifferent about you. The number one thing I've learned while shooting wedding photography is that reading and managing the various personalities and expectations that come throughout the day can make or break everyone's photography experience and change their mood around you. There is a huge responsibility that comes with documenting someone's wedding. As a photographer, you must be organized, creative, forward-thinking, and personable. The small talk matters and you'll need to find a way to connect to every guest at some point or another. Remember you are a stranger to them, but work to make them feel comfortable and your photos are sure to shine and show authentic smiles and happy vibes.

This skill, is unfortunately one that can't be taught, it can however be learned over time. If you're a shy and introverted style of person, you can use Weddings as an opportunity to be the extrovert you wish to be (fake it till you make it). All Weddings (and other events) are an opportunity to let your personality and talents shine as a photographer. So shine baby shine! Find confidence in your art and enjoy making new friends throughout the day. You'd be surprised how much your personality effects the outcome of the day's photography. Your bride and groom chose and hired you for a reason, show them that you can gel with their guest and make their day the best possible! Cheers to being the best you for them!


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