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  • Amberlei Franklin

The Wedding Photography 'Budget-Hack' Every Bride Needs To Know!

It's no secret that anything associated with a Wedding cost more! Why you ask? Weddings are a lot more pressure! As a Photographer, you have more shots and timeline categories to anticipate, not to mention the weeks of editing post-Wedding. The cost of Wedding Photography is calculated based on these categories, strategy + flow.

However, there are ways to save money (hello my Budget Brides) and get quality photography at the same time. Here are my favorite tips I like to share with Brides (even the ones who don't choose me):

  1. Ask yourself, do I really need multiple Photographers? As a seasoned photographer, I can tell you that one Photographer can fully capture your Wedding day photography without any hiccups. When you bring in multiple Photographers, you begin to pay additional cost - someone has to pay that second photographer. If you hire one Photographer (verses a tribe), you can expect they will be going to the bride and grooms quarters for the "before" and "detail" shots. I've done this hundreds of times and I simply make sure the men (since I'm a woman) have their pants on before I arrive.

  2. OK, so I decided on a "second shooter", what do I need to know about this? A commonly unknown fact is that the "second shooters" hired, are sometimes Photography students. Yes they need practice too but do beware that their images may not match the other Photographers style, so they may noticeably be different. This isn't always the case, but if you do decide to hire a "second shooter" from your primary, it is always smart to ask to see their portfolio as well. You should actively review the portfolio of anyone shooting your Wedding to ensure you don't end up disappointed. Your Wedding Photography is a BIG deal!

  3. Ask if your Photographer use multi-camera systems. When shooting a Wedding, there is not a lot of time to be swapping between lenses to ensure you're getting the angle and look that you want. This is sometimes why multiple Photographers are hired, to cover all the angles. However, shooting with multiple cameras at the same time (harness/straps) can allow your single Photographer to get 2-3 times the photos that a single camera can, thus maximizing your product output. Additionally, if a Photographers camera malfunctions in a Wedding, you'll want to know they have a backup camera for the event.

Wedding Photography is tricky, but with the right insight and knowledge, you will have nothing to fret and can enjoy your Wedding photos with hopefully a few extra bucks in your pocket for the honeymoon. Follow me for more photography insight.

Cheers Friends -

Amberlei Franklin


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